Baked In Brooklyn (2016)


  • Overall Rating: 5 Stars
  • Plot: 5 Stars
  • Script: 5 Stars
  • Acting: 7 Stars
  • Music: 5 Stars
  • Sound Effects:  N/A
  • Special Effects: N/A


PLOT: The movie is semi-told from him narrating his life. Based on a true story: It’s all about a young adult named David Shapiro working a job that he hates. Never mind that he gets fired. While trying to find his life’s purpose he meets a beautiful girl every guy would be lucky to have. He eventually realizes that selling pot is the fastest way to make money, if done properly. He neglects his girlfriend and his friends and as time goes on he realizes life sucks.

SCRIPT: Very basic script and it’s a pretty basic movie too. It’s listed under comedy but you don’t get much laughs. The script doesn’t allow you to relate to the character even though you may have experienced the following: if you’ve ever been fired, not been able to find a job, been neglected, or finding a life’s purpose or sold pot.

ACTING: Josh Brener plays a pretty good paranoid person/pot dealer. You can tell he got into the mind constantly frightened person/drug addict (even though he never actually does pot he does other things). Alexandra Daddario has a couple body revealing scenes (nothing considered full nudity) which let’s be honest if you’re getting her in your movie it’s to grab a certain demographic’s attention. The friends of the character in the movie played by Paul Iacono and Tyrone Brown do a great job of filling out the supporting cast.

MUSICThe music in the movie is very indie. Nothing spectacular that stood out. If you love that relaxed stuff you’ll really enjoy the music in this film. Since the character writes a music blog it makes sense that it would be hard to find music.



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