Based on a True Story, Drama

Blow (2001)


  • Overall Rating: 8 Stars
  • Plot: 8 Stars
  • Script: 7 Stars
  • Acting: 10 Stars
  • Music: 7 Stars
  • Sound Effects:  8
  • Special Effects: 8


PLOT: Blow is based on a true story about George Jung, the guy who established the cocaine market in the 70’s. Throughout the movie you go through his life in every 2-3 years between 1970-1989ish. You see the struggles he went through, the famous people he met with, and why with his ambition he didn’t think he could do anything else.

SCRIPT: The script is good. The story is told in 1st person sometimes, it makes it seem more personal. 

ACTING: For those who like Johnny Depp it really is an amazing movie. If you think he’s weird, bad or anything else then I would still suggest seeing this movie. It is an educational story and Johnny Depp does a great job acting as a guy who can’t escape prison and as a drug lord kind of guy. The actors don’t really matter but props to Ray Liotta and Penélope Cruz for adding something extra to the film.

MUSICYour basic dramatic movie music nothing too spectacular but yet still pretty cool. Every song fit the scene.

Sound Effects: Nothing too crazy here but great for what they needed.

Special Effects: The scene changes and cinematography as done really well in this movie. They had him sitting around the table in one scene then behind bars one second later in the same position. Well done.


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