Animation, Comedy, Remake/Sequal

Cars 3 (2017)


  • Overall Rating: 7 Stars
  • Plot: 8 Stars
  • Script: 6 Stars
  • Acting: 7 Stars
  • Music: 7 Stars
  • Sound and Special Effects: 10 Stars
  • Costumes and Makeup: N/A


PLOT: In Cars 3 we get more racing fun for Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his friends. The only problem is he’s old and the rookie’s are taking over. The races have also become more competitive and less fun. It is a story that is almost a metaphor for an old man working in a digital age…smart right.

SCRIPT: Basic for an animated movie. There is no hidden laughs made just for adults. Oh well! They keep it fun though

ACTING: The reoccurring characters do a great job of being who they have always been and who we grew to love. The new ones Nathan Fillion as Sterling, Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez and Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm have made a nice addition and may have continue as the stars of a possible Cars 4.

MUSIC: Fun and Enjoyable. Classic Disney.

Sound and Special Effects: Pixar is the master of animation they know what makes a great animated film. The roar of the engines in the movie sound nice and real too.

Action, Action Comedy, Comedy

Free Fire (2017)


  • Overall Rating: 7 Stars
  • Plot: 7 Stars
  • Script: 6 Stars
  • Acting: 8 Stars
  • Music: 3 Stars
  • Sound Effects: 9 Stars
  • Special Effects: 8 Stars


PLOT: So you got 5 people buying guns in a sketchy warehouse in the 70’s met by middle man Ord (Armie Hammer) who then introducers them to the seller Vernon (Sharlto Copley) and his goons. Vernon tries to sell them the wrong type of gun on purpose which gets Chris (Cillian Murphy) kind of cheesed. Besides that, one of the 5 buyers did something stupid the night before which affected a relationship of one of the seller’s goons which then started a chain events that was just one gun shot after another. Throughout the movie you constantly hope your favorite team, actor, or character will end up taking the money that is in a suitcase in the middle of the battle. It is great in the sense you can’t predict the ending to this movie.

SCRIPT: The script is decent for the amount of conversing that went on in this movie. Most of the things said were funny or like who just shot me. It is also hard to follow the characters and who shot who so look out for that. Thankfully do to great character development and accents from all over the world you can kind of understand who said what. 

ACTING: This is where we get into the 2 teams. They all were terrific at playing their role especially Sharlto Copley as Vernon, Brie Larson as Justine, Cillian Murphy as Chris amd Armie Hammer as Ord. Most of these actors are highly underrated or under used but this movie really shows the comedy and action stars in each character you may not of known they could play. Oh, and Martin Scorsese is the Executive Producer if it means anything to you.

Actors Buyers Sellers Actros
Enzo Cilenti Bernie Gordon Noah Taylor
Sam Riley Stevo Harry Jack Reynor
Michael Smiley Frank Martin Babou Ceesay
Brie Larson Justine Vernon Sharlto Copley
Cillian Murphy Chris Ord Armie Hammer

MUSIC: Unfortunately the music wasn’t there. They could of had a lot of great 70’s music and maybe even extended a scene or two just for that to really get you pumped or excited. All you get is a John Denver song.

Sound Effects: Guns, fire and explosions sound effects. What more do you need? There is a good chance this films sound effects wouldn’t of changed if the film was made in the 90’s. Everything they had was well used and used at the right time for the right object.

Special Effects: With guns, fire and explosions constantly being used in a shootout movie its important it is done right or realisticly. There is a good chance this films sound effects wouldn’t of changed if the film was made in the 90’s. Everything they had was well used and used at the right time for the right object. Though I’ve never pored gasoline and lit a fire I’m sure it would go up in flames.