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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


  • Overall Rating: 9 Stars
  • Plot: 7 Stars
  • Script: 9 Stars
  • Acting: 9 Stars
  • Music: 7 Stars
  • Sound and Special Effects: 9 Stars
  • Costumes and Makeup: 10 Stars


PLOT: This is yet another version of Spider-Man Marvel and Sony has given us. This time with help from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) from the Iron Man Franchise it really makes this film different and it gives viewers hope for greatness this time around. Spider-Man: Homecoming has a plot which continues from Captain America: Civil War that introduced us to young Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Tony Stark somehow finds out Peter Parker is Spider-Man and together Tony and Peter lie to Aunt May about the Stark Internship. This film also introduces a “blue collar” man Adrian Toomes also known as The Vulture story line which takes place just after the first Avengers movie. After being thrown off the greatest job of his career and penniless he decides to steal the alien tech to make weapons of mass destruction with help from his scientist friend Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer (Michael Chernus). After 8 years of staying under the radar Spider-Man stumbles upon some cool weapons which is where the story begins.

SCRIPT: The script is fun and packed with personality. It expresses anger, drama, and of course comedy. There is even some surpises thrown in along the way and interesting characters from the comics to look out for. They even found time to write in jokes for Aunt May because they hired Marisa Tomei to play her who is normally involved in more roles which show off her beauty.

ACTING: By now everybody knows how they like their Tony Stark so Robert Downey Jr. was perfect he knew what he was doing. Happy Hogan played by Jon Favreau though an old character to some this is the first time you knew or cared about his name or character to the full extent. He added just the right amount of comedy to the role and we saw his character develop more here than Iron Man 2 or 3. Michael Keaton who you may remember as Batman joins the club of people who went from DC to Marvel or Marvel to DC. Michael Keaton’s Vulture is perfect he is angry, greedy and just wants to stick up for the people that get ripped off all the time in life. If you love Michael Keaton you’d love him in this role. Now, last but not least Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Tom Holland did a great job of playing someone about 4/5 years younger than him. Mostly because of the way he looks. Which is great fans love when they find an actor who looks and can embody the role of a character that was once drawn for them on paper. It is his acting that of course made the movie what it is.

MUSICMusic in these big production  movies are either really famous songs like Guardians of the Galaxy or all orchestrated like Star Wars. Spider-Man: Homecoming has a little of both. When you need villain music bring out the orchestra and when you need fun, romance, and anything else choose a fun song you may of loved listening to in high school.

Sound and Special Effects: The sound was terrific. There wasn’t too much extra clicking, thumping, and wind noises coming from the suits which is great because with new suits for new characters it is sometimes hard to imagine what these unrealistic things will sound like. The special effects are gorgeous but if you see it in 3D there are times it gets to be too much.

Costume and Makeup: It has been a while since we’ve seen such beautiful technology put on a superhero or supervillain’s suit. The first time was Iron Man other times especially for villains was Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also if you want something to just laugh about make the suit talk to you. Peter Parker gives his new suit’s I.A. a name and talk to it like a best friend. Something cool that they did with the Vulture’s suit was when he was thinking they just showed his eyes in a green shade or light in a helmet it kind of gave it a video game pilot feel from the viewers end. Some things to look foreword to are Spider-Man’s web-shooters, web cape/glider and his awesome droid pall.