Comedy, Drama

Gifted (2017)


  • Overall Rating: 8 Stars
  • Plot: 8 Stars
  • Script: 7 Stars
  • Acting: 9 Stars
  • Music: 6 Stars
  • Sound Effects:  N/A
  • Special Effects: N/A


PLOT: Gifted is about a sweet young girl who is raised by her uncle. The uncle Frank Adler (Chris Evans) raised her because his sister killed herself. As you watch the movie it eventually gets revealed why. Frank eventually says though his niece is a genius he knows that his sister would want her to have a normal life which where Mary Adler’s (Mckenna Grace) journey begins. It deals with the struggles of a genius child in a regular public school, the problems families face who have someone who committed suicide and so much more. There is some funny parts but overall the film is a drama and you will probably want to cry during some point near the end.

SCRIPT: The script is good. The conversations the characters have are very realistic. They got all the information of the characters in the movie out naturally. The comedy is well placed and the sad parts are done tastefully.

ACTING: Chris Evans can play so many different types of people as we’ve seen throughout his career such as a reckless college student trying to find his place in the world in The Perfect Score (2004), an obnoxious superhero in Fantastic Four (2005), all the way to a mature american soldier/superhero in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) but he is in his late 30’s now which means he has to learn to play the mature roles just as well as the funny and childish roles and he does it very well in the movie Gifted. Mckenna Grace who plays the young and smart Mary Adler has appeared in the famous TV shows The Young and the Restless and Designated Survivor so she is not new to the acting scene. You could see she is already a mature actress and maybe in time she will get an Oscar. The movie features Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer who plays Roberta Taylor the friendly landlord of Frank Adler but she does not joke when it comes to matters of Mary. She is the best person to play this role. Lindsay Duncan who plays Frank’s mother Evelyn and Jenny Slate who plays Mary’s teacher Bonnie could have been played by anyone sort of famous though both crucial parts in the movie and they still did a decent job due to chemistry with Mckenna and Chris.

MUSICThe music in this movie sets the tone for the happy and sad parts but mostly its the actors who take care of that in this movie. 

Action, Marvel Comics, Sci-Fi, Superhero Movie

Avengers Age of Ultron (2015)


  • Overall Rating: 7 Stars
  • Plot: 6 Stars
  • Script: 7 Stars
  • Acting: 8 Stars
  • Music: 7 Stars
  • Sound Effects: 10 Stars
  • Special Effects: 9 Stars


PLOT: Since it’s a superhero movie that came out after the Avengers it’s expected to be an unbelievable film. But it was sloppy and overly serious as apposed to scary. When the trailer first came out you got chills from hearing Ultron’s voice. When the movie came out the voice sounded less scary and more serious. The movie is of course about the Avengers but it’s also about their place in the world after the alien attack from the first movie. It brings into affect that Tony Stark/Iron Man just wants peace after the event and after finding the spear from the first movie he realizes it can help him complete a theoretical project called Ultron. Of course things take a turn for the worse and Ultron is born.

SCRIPT: Script was good. It kept with the same characteristics that made the last ones good. The Age of Ultron had a lot of one liners especially from Ultron. You notice a lot more jokes if you watch it more than once. Written and Directed by Joss Whedon.

ACTING: The acting is good due to the cast. We’re familiar with the cast and most people know the actors from other big pictures. The new addition: James Spader, who plays the voice of Ultron portrays him very well. The only problem is where’s the darkness that came out in the trailer, how did the character loose that spark? If you haven’t seen the trailers there is probably a great chance you’d really appreciate the casting and acting choices for the character. If they ever remake the Fantastic Four James Spader would make the perfect Doctor DOOM!

MUSICThe music in a film is very important to how we feel. They got the sad points down but when Ultron is on the screen you wanna feel the EVIL, DEATH, EXTINCTION and DESTRUCTION the character talks about and music is supposed to help with that.

Sound Effects: Really terrific! They have nailed all of the Iron Man type suits noises, got the shield noise down, and mastered the Hulk Smash and Thor’s hammer with extra energy and bursts of thunder.

Special Effects: Really good which is essential, especially because of a villain that’s a machine/robot/android. They knew it couldn’t look like a Cyber Man from Dr.Who. This film looks better in regular Blue-Ray or HD formatting instead of 3D due to the details in all the action scenes that you may miss if somethings pop out at you more than others.