Action, Action Comedy, Comedy, Remake/Sequal

Going In Style (2017)


  • Overall Rating: 7 Stars
  • Plot: 9 Stars
  • Script: 7 Stars
  • Acting: 9 Stars
  • Music: 4 Stars
  • Sound Effects: 10 Stars
  • Special Effects: 5 Stars


PLOT: It is about 3 old guys who rob a bank, what’s not to love? Already I’m interested! It all starts when Joe (Michael Caine) has to go to the bank to check out what’s up with his mortgage. Turns out not so good for him then not so good for the bank as it gets robbed. Eventually he meets up with his friends Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Albert (Alan Arkin) and when they all go to work they realize their pensions disappear. That’s when Joe suggests let’s rob a bank!

SCRIPT: Zach Braff really knew what he was doing with these actors but I think as the script developed the actors had to make the script better. Though really funny it could have been funnier. When you’re working with these big names you expect greater things.

ACTING: Morgan, Alan, and Michael all huge names in Hollywood. If you liked even 1 of the what seems like 1000s of Freeman-Caine Movies out there you’re sure to like this one. Alan Arkin does a great job of playing what seems like a few of his other roles but still he’s funny. Then you got Matt Dillon who hasn’t really been funny since “There’s Something About Mary” which came out in 1998 but he tries. You remember Christopher Lloyd well his hilarious character Milton may not remember you because as you know most people with Dementia got issues.

MUSIC: Nothing special but a couple popular songs in scenes any song could of went in. No real soundtrack hear.

Sound Effects: Good for what they needed. Talking, cracking jokes and gun noises.

Special Effects: No real explosions or bomb threats though if there’s a sequel it would be cool to see them go all out.