Action, Action Comedy, Remake/Sequal, Sci-Fi

Transformers The Last Knight (2017)


  • Overall Rating: 5 Stars
  • Plot: 6 Stars
  • Script: 3 Stars
  • Acting: 8 Stars
  • Music: 4 Stars
  • Sound and Special Effects: 4 Stars
  • Costumes and Makeup: 6 Stars


PLOT: As seen at the end of the Transformers film Optimus Prime goes to meet his maker. We find out his maker’s name is Quintessa (Gemma Chan) a small robotic Queen of what is left of Cybertron after the war. She has ultimate power more than any Transformer and she plans to remake planet Earth in her own image but not until she enslaves Optimus first. As all of this is going on Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is scavenging for reusable parts of random Transformers no one knows came from to help out the Transformers of the last movie and more. The film even incorporates Merlin (Stanley Tucci who you may remember playing a different role in the last movie) and King Arthur (Liam Garrigan).

SCRIPT: Lacking creativity. With the comedy Mark Wahlberg can produce, the talent from Oscar winning actor Anthony Hopkins and the character bio developed from Josh Duhamel’s character Colonel William Lennox from the other Transformer movies you could have done a lot more with a less complicated story line. This franchise might have been saved in the 4th Transformer’s installment but this one made you forget what was actually good in the last one.

ACTING: On paper it is unbelievable casting but due to the script and story line it just didn’t help them. If you had Wahlberg, Hopkins, Duhamelm, John Turturro, Tony Hale and the sexy Laura Haddock you know there would be endless script possibilities for these actors to act out but they ruined it. The only thing that made the acting good was the amazing actors they chose but every character missed out on potential.

MUSICSuspense music in a Transformer’s movie should be more suspenseful and scary. Where’s the evil at?

Sound and Special Effects: Actually really bad!!!! You actually think the Transformers would look great and work well in our reality by now but the effects look worse than the last movies. They look placed instead of incorporated. Sound was OK, nothing special.

Costume and Makeup: Nice costumes, however in King Arthur’s era it seemed overly imagined and kiddish. Just slap some regular knight armor on them and continue with the movie.