Animation, Comedy

The Boss Baby (2017)


  • Overall Rating: 6 Stars
  • Plot: 3 Stars
  • Script: 7 Stars
  • Acting: 8 Stars
  • Music:  5 Stars
  • Sound Effects: N/A
  • Special Effects: N/A


PLOT: The story is very confusing at the start of the movie. It has like 3 plot lines going on at once and the trailer only really mentioned 1. The whole idea is that the baby comes to find out why puppies are so loved especially more than babies. What you don’t know is that the first plot introduced is about this only child who wants it to be just him and his parents and loves using his imagination. Then the baby gets introduced and it becomes a war of dominance in the household. You don’t get to the puppy part till the end of the middle of the movie which is 45-55 minuets in already. The movies tagline is Cookies are for Closers; They get no cookies!

SCRIPT: It is funny if you are an adult. All the jokes are refrences grown ups get cause they’ve experienced this stuff or lived through it. The jokes are good but they don’t move the plot along.

ACTING: The voice acting in this movie is really just regular talking from all the actors hired to do the film no voices necessary. Maybe some mouth sound effects here or there but that’s not important.

Music: Nothing fancy and nothing memorable. It is mostly stuff made for the movie. The music they chose really sets the mood and if you’re a girl in your teens who loves when families come together than the music may help you cry to some moments in the movie.