Action, Action Comedy, Comedy, Drama, Remake/Sequal

The Fate of the Furious 2017


  • Overall Rating: 8 Stars
  • Plot: 6 Stars
  • Script: 8 Stars
  • Acting: 7 Stars
  • Music: 7 Stars
  • Sound Effects: 8 Stars
  • Special Effects: 9 Stars


PLOT: In The Fate of the Furious this time 1 of them goes rogue. Obviously it has to be their leader Dom (Vin Diesel) due to the blond bitch Cipher (Charlize Theron). It all starts when she says to him I got dirt on you, you don’t want getting out. Then of course that’s where it gets furious. A little week I think they could of had a better plot line for their 8th maybe incorporating more of what they did do right for this movie Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) vs Deckard (Jason Statham). As the two biggest haters join forces to stop the fastes and the most furious of all Dom.

SCRIPT: Besides the fact it should have been called The Feight of the Furious or F8 of the Furious you’re getting great jokes from Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris with surprisingly some hilarious parts from Jason Statham. Besides them classic jokes like “We Got a Tank” and everybody hating on Roman (Tyrese Gibson) especially Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) it’s hard to say if this is a money grab action sequel or a do right by the Franchise while making money movie. Either way it didn’t matter about the name or the script they made a shit tone.

ACTING: Everybody is just themselves from previous Fast and the Furious movies and even other stuff you’d seen them in. If you love an actor or a character you’ll see this movie just for the enjoyment of seeing that actor or character. The cars get the Oscar though because without the cars the film would just be jacked dudes and comedians talking shit to eachother.

MUSICWith songs inspired by the movie and songs made for the movie. It is perfect! They know how the music should portray the movie and how the movie should potray the music. Though I wish they used Wiz Khalifa again for the main theme they still have another song done by him. have The song they chose is very good “Good Life” by G-Eazy & Kehlani. 

Sound Effects: Maybe over exaggerated. I mean but still done better than a lot of other movies with cars that go really fast. Do we know what a Tank or Submarine should sound like?

Special Effects: Great maybe repetitive or over used ones but hey they have the money to make things go boom shicka bing bang boom booooom bliffboom baboom kaboom boom when they maybe could of went boom kaboom boom with fire.